Science behind the body mousse

Innovative research

In combination with innovative research and development, VITANA X uses this knowledge to counteract cellulite in a natural way.

Many products promise success against cellulite through convincing ingredients. However, these only develop their effectiveness when they are completely absorbed through the skin and reach the deeper layers of the human connective tissue, because only from there is the firming activated sustainably.

Ingredients in their most effective form

Thanks to the patented micelle technology, VITANA X has succeeded for the first time in gently converting oil-based active ingredients into a water-soluble form. With the help of the innovative technology, the selected active ingredients are broken down into the smallest building block of our body, the micelle. As small molecule complexes, the active ingredient mechanisms are proven to be effective.

The Tightening Body Mousse contains an effective combination of frankincense, Siberian ginseng, as well as ubiquinone Q10 and vitamin E, in the form of micelles, the so-called nutrition of stem cells.

A noticeably firmer complexion within seconds

Through the simple, external application, the natural ingredients are absorbed by the skin like a sponge and transported into the connective tissue within seconds. From there, sluggish cells are specifically activated, with an immediate effect.

The clear effect can be seen after just 10 minutes of exposure. The connective tissue is tangible and visibly firmer. The best results are among the promises of success that VITANA X guarantees through the patented Micelle technology.

In an effectiveness study with test subjects of different age groups and degrees of cellulite, the Tightening Body Mousse achieved excellent results and tightened, visibly and measurably, the tissue on the abdomen, thighs and buttocks.

Product Information

The Tightening Body Mousse consists of 100% from natural organic ingredients in micellar form. Without added alcohol.


INCI (International Nomenclature for Cosmetic Ingredients)