Bioavailability of 95% and more

The so-called "micelle formation" brings about a high thermal, mechanical, sensory and microbiological stability of the molecules. It is now also guaranteed that the ingested substance (vitamin) passes through the gastrointestinal passage without being destroyed or changed by the stomach acid.

Micellization, in a nutshell: A micelle consists of a “core” (ingredient, eg curcumin) and a “shell” of auxiliary substances (eg root resin), which enable the connection with the surrounding water.

The bioavailability of poorly and fat-soluble substances is low and is usually only between 5% and 20%. Most active ingredients are excreted unused. In addition, the body's ability to absorb fat-soluble substances decreases with age.

The process of micelle formation integrated in the manufacture of VITANA X products replaces the complex body's own process of digestion of fat-soluble substances. THE RESULT IS A 95% OR MORE AVAILABILITY. *

The effect of this water-soluble dosage form has been scientifically proven many times. In the example of curcumin, subjects who took the “micellated” products had an increase of 185 times that found in the blood compared to capsule-based products.

* CBD Complex is an aromatic oil - not a food supplement.

CPhl Pharma Award Winner

The micelle formation process used by VITANA X represents another achievement in the field of science. For this research, the “World CPhI Excellence Formulation Award” was presented in 2018. It has been possible to stabilize the micelles made from natural and vegetable molecules in such a way that they can be used in a much lower concentration than with previously known methods. *

Graphic representation of a micelle
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